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Garden Notes


The Great Raccoon Escape

This has been a summer teeming with critters, mostly because our community has declared war on coyotes and the local population of rabbits has just multiplied. After noting all the damage in our yard, I decided to live-trap and relocate the delinquents to a new home. So far this year, I have moved 9 rabbits […]

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Laundry Day

One of my favorite jobs in summer is to hang laundry out in the yard. We have a clothesline apparatus that is attached to the house and when I am ready to hang the wet clothes, I simply pull out the lines and attach the far end to the clothes pole. When finished, I reverse […]

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Rhubarb thriving in front garden

Rhubarb Queen

The first 18 years of my life were spent on our family’s dairy farm northern Wisconsin. My mother, father and in fact our whole family spent a lot of time producing food for our meals. We had a large vegetable garden, along with an orchard that provided apples, plums, and grapes. We grew strawberries, raspberries, […]

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Amaryllis for Christmas

I have always admired Amaryllis plants because of their huge showy flowers and this year I bought one at Home Depot during the “Black Friday” sales hoping to have blooms for Christmas. The amaryllis I chose was planted in a small pot and had 2 flower stalks already emerging from the soil. I took my […]

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Small garden toad

Toad in a Hole

I have always wondered where toads and frogs go during our long winters. I knew they were supposed to hibernate, but had never actually seen one in cold weather. All that changed this fall. I was helping our daughter-in-law plant a few tulips and daffodils in their front garden in late October. This sounds simple, […]

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Patio blooms

Blooming Sweet Potato

Each spring I plant a few pots with flowers to place on our patio. The plants vary from year to year, but I especially like the ornamental sweet potato vines, (Ipomoea batatas) both the lime green ‘Margarita’ and the purple/black version called ‘Blackie’. While being actual sweet potatoes or root vegetables, the Ipmoea batatas have […]

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