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Genie Schreiner

Genie Schreiner, passionate gardener

It is my desire to share the joy and peace I find in the garden.

No matter what my day is like – good, bad or indifferent – after a half hour in the garden, all is right with the world. The various tasks that need doing enable me to be close to nature, mindful of the various birds and small animals that visit, and in touch with the changing of the seasons.

I think true gardeners love to share their successes and failures along with extra plants that accumulate with others who love gardening. One of my favorite things is helping a friend start a new garden, filling their space with extra plants from my yard. It always amazes me that we can fill an entire new garden with perennials dug up in my yard and after I fill the holes left behind, my garden looks no different.

I have had a lifelong love of gardening and after years of helping friends and family with their gardens have finally decided to start writing about it too. My blog, “Genie in the Garden,” was started in May, 2011, and it is filled with photos I’ve taken of my garden and other gardens that interest me. I will be writing about things I’m doing and helpful tips I’ve figured out over my years gardening. I welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments sections and to send me questions as well. I’ll do my best to give you good advice as I know it, or research things I am not familiar with.

I’m so excited about this new phase in my gardening career and I look forward to hearing from you.